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A very warm welcome to all Dream Team fans!

Berwick Rangers fans footageWe are an unofficial BRFC site dedicated to fans both local and global. This is a fun community that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Because as Berwick fans, we can’t really afford to.

BerwickRangers.net was created in 1999 with one purpose: to bring Rangers fans together from around the web. We also provide advice and information aimed at giving both home and away fans the best possible experience when visiting Shielfield Park.

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Latest Berwick Rangers news from around the web. Also we recommend you check out the BRFC Youtube Channel.

Match Day: Pints, Bets & Chips

For anyone who doesn’t live locally, we’ve created some guides to help you find everything you need for a safe and enjoyable match day experience in and around Berwick.

And after a brief hiatus, we’re back and still going strong. Which must prove that either we’re doing something right, or that nobody’s listening.

If like us you enjoy putting a few bets on a Saturday afternoon, then we’ll show you how to find the best local bookies. Yes, we’re aware that a lot of people use websites or apps to bet on mobile phones these days, but there are still plenty of people around that prefer to do things the old fashioned way.

The pre match pint is a also a much loved tradition in British football and in Berwick we’re quite blessed with a number of decent pubs for a fairly small town. If you’re wondering where to go, check out the away fans page for some suggestions.

You don’t really need to worry about home and away pubs, as fans usually mingle pre and post match without any issues. However we do highlight the pubs that are particularly away friendly.

The final thing you’ll need for a top match day experience is a good chippy. Fortunately we’re next to the North Sea, so the town blessed with a few of those, two of which you’ll walk past soon after you leave the station. Again, check out the away fans page for latest recommendations. Believe me, we test these regularly as our waistlines will testify.

Everyone Welcome

Berwick Rangers fans and all football fans are welcome here, wherever you come from. Want to show your allegiance? No problem, if you follow the Dream Team and want your name added to our Global Fans list then just contact us. We usually pick up messages every week and have added loads of new fans to the list in recent years. Just send us your name and location (and if you like, tell us why and how you came to follow the team) and we’ll do the rest.

If you ever decide to visit Berwick Upon Tweed then why not include a stop at Shielfield Park as part of your trip? Neutrals are always welcome, as long as you’re cheering on the Dream Team boys that is!

If you know of any other interesting BRFC news sources that we haven’t included in this feed then please contact us and let us know! This can be your own site if you like, so any aspiring Dream Team bloggers please get in touch.

The same goes for any interesting stories about Berwick Rangers, the Scottish leagues or just football in general.