Ducket Dictionary

Visiting Berwick for the first time? If so, then you’ll need to consult this guide to understand what the hell the locals are on about.

A’reetma’ Haga-  A greeting between Berwick males when names have yet to be exchanged

Bar- £Pounds

Bary– Very nice

Buckie- Stone

Bull– Intercourse

Cantle- Head

Capture- Female Berwicker

Chava- Young Berwick male

Clemies- Testicles

Cope- Good

Coosty– Very good

Coupon- Face

Covied– Dead

Cowie– Anything

Cowped– Overturned

Deek- Look

Doses– Lots

Doobies– Money

Doylem– Idiot

Felled– Outfought

Fettle- Mood

Footsy– Bad/off

Gull– Person from Eyemouth

Gurie– Man

Hawker- Romany traveling people

Heind– Countryfolk

Hick– Countryfolk

Hornies– Police

Humming– Smelly

Interlowper– Outside, currently residing in Berwick

Joogle– Dog

Keekers– Eyes

Keer- House

Ladged– Embarrassed

Lowie– Money

Loup– Jump over

Lowsed- Done for

Mangin– Speaking

Mank– Dirt

Manishee– Female

Mortal– Drunk

Moy– Mouth

Muckle- Massive

Nash– Run away

Pad- Walk

Panny- Rain

Peeve- Alcohol

Peever- Pub

Plaff– Feet

Radgee– Mentally unstable person

Reek- Smoke

Rory– Mad

Rootle-Tootle– Totally mad

Rooty– Mad

Scran– Foodstuff

Screeve- Car

Scunner– Sickener

Shan– Bad/Poor

Skids– Underpants

Slash– Urinate

Spragged– Informed

Teek– Bed

Toley– A number two

Wing– Pence

Yag- Fire

Yak– Face