We Are In Serious Trouble

relegation playoff

It was an absolute disaster at Cove Rangers on Saturday. A 4-0 defeat means we need an absolute miracle at Shielfield Park next Saturday to overturn the aggregate score, otherwise we drop out of the league after being in it for 64 years.

I doubt anyone can bear to watch the highlights, but if you really want to put yourself through it, the Cove Rangers TV channel has published them. I was at the match so I don’t want to see them again. My mate watched a few minutes from behind the sofa then turned off. But if you’re a glutton for punishment then here you go.

Despite our massive disappointment we have to say well played to Cove Rangers, they deserved the win. We still hope to see a miracle – it has been a week of unbelievable footballing comebacks after all. But having lost 8 games in a row, it’s hard to be too optimistic.

Not the best moment in our history by any means, but whatever happens we will stay loyal to the Dream Team and we will back – hopefully at the first opportunity.

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  1. I can’t call myself a Berwick Rangers supporter, but I like to follow their results just because I have the habit of managing them in Football Manager. This has been a really dreadful season and I’m really sorry that relegation from the league seems almost inevitable. Here’s hoping that you’ll be back soon, from a Portuguese fan.

      1. It wouldn’t be too difficult to do better than real life anyway, but yes, in the virtual world Berwick Rangers are doing quite well, as they have finally achieved promotion to League One.

  2. As someone who grew up a jambo I sincerely hope Berwick start again and come back stronger ,I love visiting the town of Berwick and its very sad what has happened to the wee rangers ..

    1. Cheers Andrew. Once the inevitable happens we need to make sure we learn lessons and come back wiser, stronger and better equipped to stay up.

  3. The board running the club need to take a good look at themselves. Bringing in a new manager/assistant manger just before the play off games is suicide as they dont know the players. How to demoralise a team even more. Talk about shooting yourselves in both feet several times. If you look back at the recent albion rovers game Berwick could have had several goals plus they should have had a penalty. The problem all year has been that they cant score goals and they have had no luck. Even last weeks Cove game the 3rd goal should have been cancelled out as the striker had his arm around the neck of a Berwick player.

  4. I wouldn’t be so sure you’ll bounce straight back. East Stirling haven’t and there’s a few well ran good football sides in the Lowland league – you guys struggled to beat Spartans in the cup a few years ago. Sorry to be gloomy but the folk running Berwick will have a very big job on their hands

  5. It was sad seeing Berwick go down.My first game there was when Andy Gray scored a winner for Dundee United in mid 70s in a 1-0 Scots cup replay.Would love to see them rise again.Like when they were up 2-0 v Dundee at Dens at ht in 1st division tho the game ended 2-2.Good luck to you all.And I enjoyed the banter at Shielfield & Brooksy’s antics.

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